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[Not resolved]Marker legend for member location

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    When you set the marker on a specific member–(per member marker)—can I put a marker legend to the right of the selectable markers so the user chooses the correct one.

    I mean can I put a legend to the right of the map icons “location”>”map icons”.

    Thank You


    HI Charles,
    Unfortunately, I didn’t place any hook in the Map Icons tab. I will definitely add one to the next release of the plugin.

    For the moment, I can show you which file to edit where you could place the map legend image.

    If you are comfortable with editing a core file let me know and I will guide you through.


    Sorry I’m slow in responding. Yes I am comfortable updating the core files, but I need guidance. Thank You


    Any help you can give me here would be appreciated


    Please just point me in the right direction, I’ll figure it out.


    If you can help (or rather will help), let me know.


    I am truly sorry about that Charles. I had many issues with the forum and one of them was with the notifications not being sent to me.

    That is why I migrate the forum to a brand new site.

    To answer your questions:
    open the file gmw-premium-settings/includes/gmw-ps-template-functions.php and add the image before or after the

    tags in lines 355 – 387.

    Let me know if that helps.



    Thank you very much. Speed is less important to me than accuracy. Again, you’re exactly correct.


    Thank—until next time..actually, I don’t intend to bother you again. The support here is great though…this issue is closed 🙂


    Exactly as you said Eyal,

    This is just in case anyone ever has the same question, they won’t bother you

    In function gmw_fl_per_member_icons_display( $member_location )

    /* I put this inside the table tag at line 357 Inside gmw_fl_per_member_icon_display(). */

    function gmw_fl_per_member_icons_display( $member_location ) {

    $gmw_options = get_option(‘gmw_options’);
    if ( !isset( $gmw_options[‘members_locator’][‘per_member_icon’] ) ) return;

    <div id=”gmw-yl-map-icons-tab-wrapper” class=”gmw-yl-tab-wrapper map-icons” style=”display:none;”>

    That’s it! Worked perfectly, as usual. Thanks Eyal.


    Put your img after the table tag…sorry

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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