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[Not resolved]Maximum Zoom on global map?

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    when I use a global map of Users, i can’t zoom in deep enough to see where exactly the user palced his pin.

    Is there something in your code that prevents further zooming, or is that a google-maps issue?

    Thanks, j

    PS: We sit here in front of our page designing, and we LOVE !!! your plugin 🙂


    Hello J and thank you for the kind feedback :).

    when I use a global map of Users, i can’t zoom in deep enough to see where exactly the user palced his pin.

    Are you referring to the cluster image? The cluster won’t “break out” when zooming all the way in?


    Hi Eyal,

    no, it’s not the cluster break out.

    The global map of users, we use that to show the users avatars. If we zoom in on one of the avatars to see where exctly the guy placed himself, the zooming does not go as deep in as it normally does in google maps. You can normally zoom in on a house, for example, but here it stops much earlier, at the size of a small town, as if theres a maximum zooom level defined.

    Is that cut-off defined in your plugin oder does google prevent teh API users to zoom as deep as you could when using google maps directly?

    Thanks, j.


    No, there is no maximum zoom in set for the plugin. It should zoom in as much as Google Maps API allow.

    Can you provide a link to the live site so I could take a look?


    Thank you for taking a look.

    You can see it in the link below under private content.

    Zoom in on any of the avatars. It stops at the size of a small town. Do the same, on the same place in google maps and you get down to a zoom level, where a house for example fills the whole screen.

    If you need access to the site, i can provide that. But it feels to me like it’s got nothing to do with any settings.


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    Thanks for the link.

    It does look like the map does not zoom in all the way but I am not sure why. Have you applied any custom function to the functions.php file of you theme?


    Yes, there’s lots of stuff in functions.php but nothing that has remotely to do with maps. If I rename functions.php the problem persists. strange.

    I found theres a maxzoom variable in maps, but the only occurence of that in my site is in your plugin directory, and there you set it to nothing special.

    I”ll do some more searching. Do you have a hint for me on what to look for?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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