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[Not resolved]Member directory bug after installing

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    I recently added the xprofile fields add on and the members directory map is now misbehaving big time. Even if I uninstall ‘Xprofile fields’.

    I have four members setup. Locations as follows:
    Bristol: 1
    London: 2
    Hastings: 1

    I’m limiting locations to xprofile fields of town, state and country. So those in london share the same london location basically

    See the members here:
    my website

    Zoom in to London and you will see 4 markers showing! Two for each member.
    Markers grouping is disabled in the kleo members page. If I change it to ‘Markers spiderfier’ I get the same problem.

    If I change it to ‘Markers Clusterer’ I see 2 in Bristol, 2 in Hastings and 4 in London. Zooming in never breaks them out, and of course the count is wrong.

    A developer working with me took a cut of my site before I installed the ‘xprofile fields’ extension. You can see his site here, as he still has it up thankfully. See, I have two people in london here, and it works fine, the cluster breaks out and there are only 2 members showing. It is on the cluster setting. For some reason the blue cluster isn’t showing, but he just took a copy of my site, and I”m not sure how he did that at the time. Changing the marker option on his version of my site works fine.

    So I think it must be that I have now added this xprofile plugin and something is corrupted?

    Please help. Log on details to my live site attached.


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    Any help here please?



    Hello?! 😉

    I’ll have a lot of members in the same large towns, so being able to use the cluster style markers on the google map is really going to be needed.


    Hello Robin,
    I apologize for missing out your posts. For some reason I haven’t receive any notifications for your posts.

    I looked at the link provided above but I didn’t see any of the duplicated markers you described. Have you got it fixed?



    No problem. Funnily enough I didn’t get notifications to replies from the other issue I logged, even with the notification box ticked.

    Anyhow, yes, I managed to fix it, but not in an elegant way!
    I deleted all users, as thankfully they were only test accounts on my site as it isn’t live yet. Deleting accounts and then re-adding now I have installed the xprofile field plugin seems to have worked.

    What I think the bug was is, I had these test users accounts with just geomywp active and added a location for them on the locations tab in buddypress. I then added the xprofile fields plugin and some how the problem started. I had disabled the form in the locations tab, so location had to be entered via xprofile fields and locked it to towns, state, country. Before it was type what you want in the locations tab. So I think things got confused? Perhaps when the location was copied to the xprofile fields when I activated the plugin? Who knows.

    What would have maybe fixed it, but I couldn’t try as it’s not allowed, was to delete the location for the test accounts (one was a friend, so I didn’t have his password so couldn’t update his). Then I could have tried re-entering via the xprofile fields. Just a guess here. It would be great if you could add the ability for admins to update a users location/delete it. I guess I can do that now with the xprofile plugin, as I can edit the xprofile fields and this filters through?

    Regarding the map ‘clusters’. I think I may have misunderstood the behaviour here. If I see a cluster of say two people I was expecting to be able to keep zooming in and have the cluster break out to markers and be able to click the marker to see who the person is. But actually I don’t think the clusters ever break out? Meaning you can’t see who the members are from the map. Is that correct?

    I would love it if they did behave like that, and broke out when you zoomed in enough.
    I had a look here, and didn’t see mention that clusters ever actually then break out:

    Thanks, these plugins have really helped my site so much!


    Hi Rubin,
    I am not sure what caused the issue that you described above. It seems like some kind of a glitch in the system that might created duplicate address per user in database. I am glad however that it is working now.

    Regarding the clusters:
    1) it seems that you are using an older version of GEO my WP which causes the cluster images to be missing. You should update to the latest version of GEO my WP in order for the cluster images to be displayed properly.

    2) You are right, The clusters should “break out” and display all the markers that it contains. However, there is a bug in the markers clusters library ( which is developed by another developer ) that prevents the clusters from breaking out when two or more markers are located very near to each other. I am currently looking for a solution for that.



    Yes, I think installing the xprofile plugin caused some duplication somehow.

    I find the cluster images are there for my live site, I guess it’s just the developers copy of mine isn’t setup correctly for some reason.

    That cluster break out being broken is a real pain. If you could carry on trying to resolve it, it would be much appreciated, as I really want to switch to using it on my site as certain cities will build up a lot of members I hope.

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