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[Resolved]Members Locator not Showing Results

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    Hello Eyal, please excuse me for my terrible english.I have just installed Gmwp in my Buddypress site but the search form is not working.It shows no results. Could you please help me with that? Also when a member sets it’s location the adress is right but the map shows somewhere in Africa(lol). I have disabled all the plugins but it does no differnce. No changes…What would be wrong???


    Hello Sanis,
    Have your members entered their location via the Location tab of their profile page?

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    Looks like the results page does not generate any data at all.

    Did you place the results shortcode ( [gmw form=”results”] ) in the results page?


    Excellent,it works like a charm!!!Thank you so much Eyal!!!Congrats for this amazing plugin,you have made very,very good work!!!


    You are very welcome Sanis, I am glad you got it working. And thank you for the kind feedback :).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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