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[Resolved]Missing Members when Plugin activated!

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    Benjamin S


    I just purchased and configured the Geo Members Directory Add-On.
    Unfortunately, I directly encountered the problem that only 2 of my 4 members so far are being shown. All of them have all the necessary profile fields filled out (incl. location) and if I deactivate the Add-On everything’s fine.

    That’s a really urgent and major issue – how can I solve it?
    I didn’t do any massive changes to the members-php-files and do have all the latest updates installed.


    The only reason for the issue you are having which I could think of is if the members do not have location added via Support. But you have already mentioned that all the members have locations.
    I could send you the beta for the new versions of Support and the Members Directory add-on which i believe will solve your problem as most of the code is brand new.
    However, the exclude members add-on is not ready for the new version of Support and so you wont be able to activate it yet. It will be ready in few days from now.

    Would you like me to send you the new versions of Support and members directory anyway?

    Benjamin S

    Hi Eyal,
    I got it fixed. Might have been some database issue with the two undisplayed users. I re-entered their location which did it.
    Thanks for the offer. I don’t need the exclude members add-on anyway at the moment, so yeah, feel free to send me the Beta 🙂 Will it change IDs/Classes so the customizations I made are gone? I didn’t change anything in the php templates.
    It would be great if there came some little document where I can see the essential changes.



    Hi I am havn’t the same issue, this is a new feature so my members don’t have a location set yet. All my members disappear. Its important my members have the option of setting their location, so If they will disappear if they don’t set their location this is prob not plugin for me


    Hello Bernard,

    1) Your members can easily set their location from the “Location” tab of the profile page.

    2) I first develop the add-on to display only members who set their location. However, this has been fixed in the new version I am about to release soon.
    I can send you the new version of the add-on but it will only work with the new version of Support which is still in beta. You can read about it here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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