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[Resolved]Modifying the content in map modal boxes

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    Kevin S

    On the map, when you click on a pin, some of the content for the post appears in the modal box….where would I go to modify that? Which file(s) and is there a way to protect my changes from future updates?

    Also….I’m using the beta version of geo my wp and global maps add on that you emailed me the other day.


    Hi Kevin,
    The marker window template field you can find in:
    gmw-global-maps/posts ( or friends if is buddy press members/templates/infobox ( or popup )/default/content.php the in the default folder you can as well find the style sheet.
    The content.php is a regular php file where you can easily add/remove information.

    to do “update safe” changes you can copy the “default” folder to your theme folder and do your changes there.
    You should create ( or already created) a folder named geo-my-wp in your theme’s or child theme’s folder.
    under that folder create another folder “posts” or “friends” for buddypress members.
    Usually, under theses folder you will keep the different template files for Support and the add-ons which so far were search-forms and search-results templates files.

    for the marker window templates files you will need to create another folder ( under the folder “posts” ) called “info-window-templates”. under that folder you will create either or both folders infobox and popup. and there is where you add the “default” folder or any custom folder you might create. each marker window folder should include the content.php file and CSS folder with style.css in it. Than you will be able to choose your custom template files when creating the global map.

    and so your folders setup should look like :
    theme-folder/geo-my-wp/posts/info-window-templates/default ( or your own custom folder ).

    Kevin S

    I had a feeling it was the same as the search-form and search-results templates. I appreciate the reply.

    Tom Poon

    Hi, I’ve tried editing the custom.php file in a folder I created in:

    It didn’t work so I also tried to put it in:

    But that also didn’t work, so I tried directly editing the custom.php found in the plugin folder itself, and it worked fine.
    For now that is what I’m going to do just to continue customizing my infoboxes properly, but I know I’ll have to keep manually updating the content.php and the css after each update and that’s not ideal so… posting here to let you know!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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