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[Waiting for user confirmation]Modifying the info box in the results map

Forums Premium Settings Modifying the info box in the results map

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    I’m trying to customise the info box for the markers in the results map.

    Is there anyway to have the width and height automatically adjust to the content of the info box.  Currently its far too big, I’d like it to work for each set of details.




    Hello Jo,
    The info box is a bit tricky to work with and is not easily customizable.
    I initial tried to have the infobox automatically resized based on its content but without success.

    You can easily set the maximum width of the info-box using CSS. Would that be a good solution for you?


    Thanks Eyal, the content doesn’t differ so much, so maximum width is a pretty good fix.


    You are welcome.

    Try adding the below to the stylesheet of your theme/child theme:

    You can change 200px to any value as you wish.

    Let me know if that help.


    I want to ask you in this topic about modyfying info box..

    Can I change in css distance info box from the marker on the map ?

    Currently I chenage css :

    And it looks preetty nice, but because I changed height from 200 to 280 px now the starting point of the box is too low – the arrow edge is 80 px below marker on the map..

    – you can see it on index


    Hi Eyal,

    I´m trying to customize the info box as you suggest, with css in the style.css, but there are no changes in the appearence when I try it. Is it necessary to activate any other option of the plugin to do this?

    A lot of thanks,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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