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Multiple Addresses per buddypress user?

Forums Feature Requests Multiple Addresses per buddypress user?

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    Arkadia Love

    Hi there, I’m a developer looking to purchase xprofile fields add-on as well as premium settings.. The site I’m working on is using buddypress.. and each user can have up to 4 addresses.. like Home Address… Office 1 Address, Office 2 Address… Right now, I just have all the addresses in different xprofile fields.. can your plugin + any addon make all the addresses of each user searchable?


    Arkadia Love

    A little more detail: My search form is like this:

    First Name text box: (I’ll use xprofile addon)
    Last Name text box: (I’ll use xprofile addon)
    Profession select box: (I’ll use xprofile addon)

    So the first 3 fields should work fine with the addon. It’s just the address field.. Is there a way the location tab can hold more than 1 address?

    I don’t absolutely have to have the address come from xprofile fields.. I just need 3 or 4 addresses geocoded and stored in your custom database, per user. But looking at the db, I think the member_id field in wppl_friends_locator is a primary key, or needs to be unique.. any ideas?

    Arkadia Love

    Ok shoot – I see xprofiles addon only adds the ability to use xprofile fields for the address.. not first name, last name etc :/

    I just purchased it – though I’m not sure if I can use it to find a clue as to how to use it to search with other xprofile fields. I really like how your plugin handles buddypress. I can’t find anything comparable, that allows other fields yet.


    Hello Arkadia,
    Apologies for the delayed reply.

    Unfortunately at the moment GEO my WP can only handle one address per BuddyPress member. IT has been requested in the past and I would like to have this feature possible but it won’t be very simple. I am still looking for way to do that.
    As you said the member_id is a primary key in database which won’t make it possible to hold more than a single address. Even if changing it I will need to change many things in the way the plugin work.

    What I think you could do ( and that is one of the ideas I had for this feature ) is maybe use post types to hold the additional locations per member. You could create a custom post type called “Locations” for example. Probably using a front-end post plugin you can let members add additional locations. The main location you could still use the “Location” tab.
    Then creating a search form for the locations post type will allow the search for members location. You could modify the search results template file to display different information about the member using the author ID of each post.

    This is just an Idea that was never tested but I think you could make it work.


    “Ok shoot – I see xprofiles addon only adds the ability to use xprofile fields for the address.. not first name, last name etc :/”

    Why would you need the plugin to use other fields than the address fields?

    Arkadia Love

    Hi there, thanks so much for the reply – I like the post types idea.. I’m going to give that a try.

    One more question – Will the additional addresses from the custom post types be searchable in the same search form as for the regular address.

    So if I say search for all users within 15 miles of zip code 12345 – will it bring back results from the initial address and the additional addresses?

    Thanks again for all your help!

    Arkadia Love
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    Arkadia Love

    I set it as private because of the url – if you’d like me to share any code with you, I don’t mind. The way that I did it was not very elegant though.


    Hi Arkadia,
    Love what you have done with Xprofile fields. I have been wanting to add that as a feature for a while now but I keep delaying it as it is a bit complex. Adding that to the plugin means that I also need to build a UI in the back-end for the admin to choose the field type per profile Field.
    However, i’d love it if you shared your code with me or with others as well. If you don’t mind you are more than welcome to email it to

    As for the post type request I will need to take a look at that a little later today when I will be on my computer.
    Probably using some filters to JOIN the database tables of post types and buddyPress members will make it possible. I will see and get back to you later.

    Arkadia Love

    Hi Eyal, thanks 🙂 I’ve emailed you. Also, as soon as I have a moment, I’ll write a detailed reply to this post, and also mention it on the thread in the wordpress support forum, about the changes I made… for anyone else looking to try this.

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi, can you guide me where the code has been posted?

    I also really need that feature.

    My plan is to use most of your plugins but this is quite a show stopper for me at the moment as I also need a private and office address…

    Kind regards


    I’m looking for something similar, but instead on buddypress we want it on the post to be able to assign multiple address in just one post so that post can be located in diff. address..

    already found this post, but no solution..

    if anybody has a solution how to add multiple address in one post my client is willing to pay for it..

    i hope someone has this..



    Multiple locations for posts and Buddypress members is, I believe, the most requested/needed feature for GEO my WP. For this reason it is next on my to do list. I have been working on the next version of GEO my WP for the last few months and once I am done with it I will start working on the multiple locations feature.
    The coming version of GEO my WP is a major update with many new features and improvements and I am trying to make sure to release it as bugs free as it can be.

    I hope to come up with a good solution for the multiple locations feature and start working on it ASAP.


    Hi Eyal,
    thank you for keeping us updated!
    I can not await seeing your next version of this great plugin 🙂
    Kind regards


    Do you have a timeline together for the Multiple location concept for BuddyPress?

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