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[Resolved]multiple jobs – one location – cluster marker not splitting on click

Forums Bug Reports multiple jobs – one location – cluster marker not splitting on click

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    When you have multiple jobs at one geo location, the cluster markers will show the proper count for the number of jobs at that location, but when clicked, the cluster markers will not split into individual markers for each job. This prevents the user from being able to click on the individual markers and get job info popups for each.

    Example of a site that works “correctly”…
    Attached image #1 shows an example of a map that is currently at it’s maximum zoom level that shows several clusters of locations that each contain several locations at the same geo codes. Attached image #2 show what one of these cluster markers looks like after being clicked. Attached image #3 shows that each of these resulting individual markers can now be clicked to get the individual popups for them.

    These attached images are screen captures of my Drupal site at

    I respectfully suggest that the cluster markers in Geo my WP should behave in a similar fashion, and that the current behavior of, no response to a click for cluster markers of multiple jobs at a single geo location, is a bug.

    Thank you for a great plugin!

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    Hello Calvin,

    I have just uploaded a new version of Job Manager Geolocation add-on which should fix this issue.

    Please update your plugin and let me know if it works.



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