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[Not resolved]Multiple locations per post/page

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    I’ve seen on the forum from years ago that this was a requested feature that you were working on. Is there an update? I use posts to represent businesses and they sometimes have multiple locations, which I would like to show (especially because I also have Global Maps to show all business locations).

    Many thanks



    Yes, I have started working on the multiple locations extension a long time ago but I was unable to continue because the DB table, functions, and the queries of GEO my WP were not ready for it.

    In GEO my WP 3.0 I added a new locations DB table with a new structure that makes it possible to use multiple locations.

    I then continued working on the extension but I realized that I needed to update the queries and many of GEO my WP core function to be able to create, update, and get a location/s when multiple locations exist for an object ( post, user ). So that’s what I did in GEO my WP 3.2 which I release its beta a couple of weeks ago.

    Now, I can proceed with the development of the Multiple Locations extension which is halfway done and I hope to have it ready within the next couple of months.

    The Multiple Locations extension has definitely been the most complex one so far since it required me to go through a few major updates of GEO my WP.

    Mick Farrell

    Hi Eyal,
    I want to specify multiple locations for the same product. I saw in the above post that you had been working on it. Does the feature now exist?


    Good morning,
    I’m also interested in this feature and would like to know if it’s available or there’s some way to assign multiple locations to each post.
    Thank you very much.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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