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[Resolved]Multiple "Range" Fields for Search Form?

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    I have the Kleo Geolocation add-on along with the regular GEO my WP Settings.  I am trying to set up the Member Locator form as an “advanced search” option.  I have 3 profile fields that I want people to be able to search as a range (such as the age range).  Is there a way to set additional ranges beyond the age one?

    My clumsy workaround so far is to make those additional two fields multi-select boxes, so that in the search form people can select a range of values . . . but I really would prefer to have people typing in a single value when editing their profile rather than being able to select many values.  Besides, boxes to pick values in the search form are rather small, so if people want to select a wide range of values, they have to scroll quite a bit, and it’s not the most user-friendly.

    Is there a better way to do this?  I am not at all experienced with coding.


    Hi Holly,
    There is no “simple” fix for this feature and I will a custom script. I can look into that and probably add the feature to the next major version of the plugin.


    Thanks for your prompt response. I look forward to seeing if it ever does become a feature.


    I have another question/problem.

    I cannot get the Members Locator form to work properly. Granted, I only have a handful of accounts there. However, as an example: There is a “gender” profile field members can mark. If a user checks “man” on the search field, I would expect all the profiles where members have chosen that option to be returned, and if they choose “woman” all the profiles where members have chosen that option to be returned.

    This is not what happens. Some profile with the chosen option are not returned at all, and some profiles that do not have the chosen option are returned.

    I have been messing around for a few days, deleting and remaking profile fields, deleting and remaking the form, uninstalling and reinstalling Geo My WP, and obviously freshly editing profiles after making changes. Nothing seems to work, so I don’t really know what else to try.


    Hello Holly,
    Possible to provide me with a link to the live search page?



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