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[Resolved]Multisite issue – one site is displaying data from a different site

Forums Support Multisite issue – one site is displaying data from a different site

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    Will Read

    I have several sites on a multisite installation all running the core plugin (version 3.1) with the post type locator extension. It appears that one of my sites is displaying geolocation data from another site when the ID of the post is the same on both.

    For example, I have “Site A” and “Site B”. Site A has a post with an ID of 494. When it is being displayed on the results page, it is displaying the geolocation data from a post with the same ID on Site B. See attached screenshot for back and front end screenshots of each site.

    Happy to provide further details or login credentials if needed. Thanks!

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    Will Read

    I found the data for that specific address in two tables:


    Is it possible the wp_gmw_locations data is conflicting with Site A’s results?


    Hi Will,

    wp_6_places_locator is the locations database table of GEO my WP previously to version 3.0. Since version 3.0 there is the global locations table wp_gmw_locations. This table holds all the locations of all sites. That’s most likely why it pulls the location of a post from a different site.

    wp_gmw_locations table has a blog_id column which I need to use in the search query so only locations from the right site/blog will be returned.

    I am just now wrapping up a new version of GEO my WP so I will add this fix as well.

    I should release the new version, as a beta first, within the next couple of days.

    Thank you for pointing out this issue, and great timing.


    Hi Will,

    FYI, I released a beta version of GEO my WP v3.2 a couple of weeks ago. You can download it from here. This version should take care of the issue you described.

    Will Read

    Thanks! One thing I noticed was that with the latest version, if the marker icon is set to the default icon (_default.png), it is trying to load the icon from the following example location:

    as opposed to loading the icon from the plugin directory. Choosing any of the other marker icons fixes the problem.


    Hi will,

    Indeed, I am already aware of this issue and it will be addressed in the next release of the plugin.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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