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    Looking to purchase this plugin possibly. I’m creating a multisite install for a client, and they want to be able to direct people to child sites based on location (or show on page. “Your closest location is: “)

    Will GMWP support multisite installs, and being able to provide a feature like I’ve described?



    Looking to purchase this plugin possibly.

    Unless you are referring to a different plugin or a premium add-on, GEO my WP is free and can be downloaded from here.

    I’m creating a multisite install for a client, and they want to be able to direct people to child sites based on location

    Not out of the box but possibly by customizing the plugin.

    With GEO my WP You can geotag post types and create search forms to search and find post types base on address, radius, categories and more. That’s is in addition to other features.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Well, yes I think I need to purchase some add ins as the default out of the box doesn’t support all the features I need.

    I can geotag post types but I can’t geotag sites, correct ? Sounds like I’d have to go a different route in order to get that functionality. More that just editing the plugin I would imagine. That’s supporting a whole new level of functionality I would imagine ?


    That is correct, unfortunately. Geotagging sub-sites ( of multisite ) is on my todo list for the future.

    Depends on your needs and setup, you might be able to achieve something similar without too much work.

    In the past another users wanted to be able to search and find for sub-sites based on address distance and so on, Just like how post types geotagging works. MY advice to him, based on how he described his needs, was to still use post types “Sites” ( a custom post type that he would create specifically for that ) to geotag locations. Each location ( post ) would have the name as the sub-site name and in a custom field called “site_link” ( or anything else as his wish ) he would save the link to the sub-site. Then he would create a new “Posts Locator” search form to search and find the “Sites” post types based on address and radius and so on.
    Now, out of the box the results will show the list of locations ( posts ) and link each of them to the single post page. However, with a simple modification of the results template file it is possible to modify the permalink of the post type to link to the sub-site using the custom field “site_link” that is saved in each post. And so, each location in the results will link to the proper Sub-site.

    Does that make sense?

    I am not sure if he ever done that but again, depends on your need it might be possible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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