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    I’m trying to create a page like

    I’ve purchased the Nearby Locations and Posts add-on but I can’t get the map to display the locations of the posts. I’ve set them up using the locations, etc but when I load the page the posts load but there is no map. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hello Steven and thank you for the purchase.

    Which version of the plugin have you installed on your site? If you have version 1.0.2 installed then you need to update to Nearby Locations 1.1 Beta 3. This version comes with the map. The version marked as beta but it is stable and can be used on a production site. If you haven’t done so, You can download version 1.1. beta 3 from Your Account page.

    Let me know if that helps.


    Hi Eyal, thank you for responding so promptly. I’ve downloaded version 1.1 beta 3 but it crashes the page and doesn’t allow anything to save. What version of WordPress has it been developed for?


    You are welcome Steven.

    Version 1.1 should work with the latest version of WordPress. Have you deactivated version 1.0.2 before activating version 1.1 ( I forgot to mention that )?


    Great thank you, the conflict was happening because the Nearby Posts and Nearby Locations widgets where one after the other, I’ve removed Nearby Posts as this feature is in the new version of Nearby Locations and it works a treat, thank you very much for your help.


    You are welcome.

    And yes, Nearby Posts and Nearby Locations are the same plugin that was renamed in version 1.1. That is because in future updates the add-on will also display Nearby Members, groups and other types of locations and not only posts.

    I am glad you got it all working now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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