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[Resolved]Nearby Locations is disabling comments on page

Forums Nearby Posts Nearby Locations is disabling comments on page

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    Nearby Locations is working very well, as a plugin, but disables or spoil comments system.

    Nearby Locations 1.1.beta
    all other current versions

    when I disable plugin I can add comment and stars and its working good.
    When I enable plugin comment form and old comments are not showed at all

    here I added comment and stars when nearby Locations disabled, and all works fine. now plugin is on, so you cant see anything..

    Podlaski Ogród Ziołowy

    Podlaski Ogród Ziołowy

    when enable plugin on some pages I have showed comment form, but its redirecting me to other page:

    I added test comment here:

    Leśny Ogród Botaniczny „Marszewo”

    comment is not added and it redirect me here (which is last page on the list showed by nearby location shortcode):

    Gołubieński Ogród Botaniczny


    part of code in page.php responsible for comments:

    if($blog_hide_comments != “yes”){
    comments_template(”, true);
    echo “<br/><br/>”;

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    Sorry, we have only one version… so please dont destroy anything 🙂
    …but also you can test what you want, activate and deactivate plugins too. Please find reason, dont care what see user. We informed its beta version.

    in priv content you have access.

    THANK you for your answer 🙂

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    How it looks Eyal?

    We want to start donation action after this weekend and its silly to show sponsors inoperative portal.

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    Thank you


    There is one more issue in the same topic – im sure its causing by Nearby Locations – because when I use shortcode:

    [gmw_post_info info=”city, zipcode, street” divider=”, “];
    [gmw_post_info info=”phone” divider=””]

    Its taking data not from current page, but from page which is last from the list showed by Nearby Locations

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    I built for you this test site where you can observe it well..

    PLEASE try to repair it.. according to our schedule we want Monday start sending messages to our donators. We cant send them site with Nearby Gardens and Comments not working !


    I did this test site beause I temporary solve problem on first site, importing shortcode with adress with Custom Content Shortcode…


    and it also is private so you have to log in, because it was showed on other pages…


    I introduce new fuctionality – sticky popup. With this user have possibility to promo our site on FB etc. Its on right part of screen, red button.


    when you want to promo site on FB eg… and you click on FB button – its loaded site which is last site from nearby location list, not this what is current showed!

    check eg here:

    Park Krakowski w Krakowie

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    ah sorry..

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