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    I’m confused
    We bought a few plugins for our geo my wp ; including global locator, global maps, geo members directory and nearby locations
    We received links to download those plugins.
    No problem with locator, maps and members directory.
    I choosed to install Nearby Locations 1.0.2.
    In my wordpress directory the extension is shown as “nearby posts” (see attachments 1). Note that this extension does not show me a licence key box (like others).
    In geo my wp modules pages I saw two new modules activated (attachment 2) : nearby locations (1.2) and nearby posts (1.0).
    Next I tried a shortcode in a post [gmw_nearby_locations] : wordpress shows me the text, the shortcode does not work. I tried several options from this page Whithout success.

    I tried to desactivate the plugin. WP said I have to desactivate the licence key first. I did this from the geo my wp modules page. Then I was not able to desactivate plugin from this page. I have to go to the wordpress plugin page to desactive the plugin. I removed the plugin and installed it again from scratch.
    But the shortcode [gmw_nearby_locations] does not work…

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    Hello Lud0vicB and thank you for the kind purchase.

    I do apologize for the issues you are having. Nearby Locations add-on was initially developed as Nearby Posts add-on, which meant to display Nearby Posts only. In version 1.1 I re-wrote the add-on from scratch and renamed it Nearby Locations. That’s because now the add-on can be and will be extended to work with users, BuddyPress members, BuddyPress groups and basically any type of location instead of only posts.

    I haven’t got to officially release version 1.1 which is still marked as beta 2 ( I will try to officially release the add-on sometime this week ), but I do recommend to use it. Version 1.1 beta 2 is ready for production site and had been used by other users.

    So, once you delete version 1.0.2 of the plugin and install version 1.1 beta 2 the [gmw_nearby_locations] shortcode will work as expected.

    Let me know if that help or if you have any other questions.

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    You are welcome.

    You can download your purchases from Your Account page.



    Thanks for this topic. Wish I had known the Current Version was the reason only the shortcode text was showing 30 mins ago. Beta 3 and we’re in great shape.

    Will the Beta’s be complete soon?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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