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[Resolved]Nearby Posts to show posts near the blog post location not browsing user?

Forums Nearby Posts Nearby Posts to show posts near the blog post location not browsing user?

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    Hi there, I can see now the Nearby Posts widget seems to display the posts that are near the browsing users location. I was hoping it could display the posts that are near the actual post itself. My site is a tourism site and the tourists are coming mostly from overseas therefore the nearby posts widget makes much more sense to show the “nearby restaurants” to a single post of a restaurant rather than nearby posts to the user which would not be relevant of course. So on a single post page I need to show the nearby posts to that particular post in a widget.

    Obviously I have put in the coordinates of the post itself and therefore I am hoping there is some way to do this? Thanks in advance.


    Hi James,
    I like your idea. The Nearby Posts is next on the list of the add-ons that needs to be updated. I haven’t updated it since its initial release.
    I will definitely add the feature you mentioned to the next release of the add-on.
    I am now out of the country with limited development site so I am not sure when it will be ready. But I will do my best to release it within 2 weeks or so.


    Super, this would be fantastic addition because in its most basic level I think there are many use cases for the nearby posts widget to be linked with the location of the post rather than say the location of the browsing user. 2 weeks would be super 🙂 Look forward to it.


    @Eyal, I hope you are well. I am just checking in with you to see if you had made any progress with this widget. I would love to be the first to try it out and bug test it for you as my site is now just live and this widget is extremely important to my live site, so if you need a test site please let me know. Thank you again.


    It would be great if the add-on had two widgets:

    1) The original Nearby Post widget on e.g. the home page.

    2) A Nearby Posts widget on the individual posts, as suggested by James.

    I will buy the add-on immediately when a widget with nearby posts to post is added!

    The add-on would enhance my tourism site significantly.


    @James and @Kristian,
    Being out the country I don’t get enough development time. The only time I do get to work I use it for the support forum. I will be back in town next week and I will start working on the feature. It shouldn’t be a very complex addition so it should take too long to accomplish.

    Thank you


    @Eyal I am looking forward to an update here next week if you can as this would be a great addition here. I too like Kristian have a tourism site and its simply a must have feature for me. The current widget is actually a little too complex when its seeking out the user geo position to be honest. I will check back in next week. Thanks


    I will definitely add the feature. I will be back in town next week and probably will need few days to get it ready.


    Great! Keep up the good work.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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