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    I just purchased the Gravity Forms add-on and there is nowhere to activate the add-on. There is no “license key” page under the Geo my WP tab as mentioned in the docs and if I click the “Get add-on” button it just opens the page for the add-on.


    Hi Even,
    Thank you for your purchase and support.

    I assume that you have update to GEO my WP 2.4. Correct?

    The license page was removed since the last update of GEO my WP 2.4. The license page was combined with “Add-ons” page now. I will update the documentation this week.

    After installation of Geo Gravity Forms plugin can you please go to the “Plugins” page and confirm that it is activated and there is a link says “Activate your license key”. Otherwise, if it is not do you see any error message on that page?

    Thank you


    Ha! lol I knew I was making some ridiculous mistake. I completely forgot to upload it. I’ve had a looooong day. Thank you!!


    Oh, I know about long days and nights :). You are very welcome.

    please let me know if you have any questions about the plugin or its usage. I have just uploaded all the new versions 2 days ago so the updated documentation are not ready yet. I will be working on it this week.

    Thanks again,


    I really appreciate your quick responses!
    I do however have another question.
    On my site this add-on is used to allow members to include some rather raw location data. It would actually benefit members to see and submit the actual latitude and longitude with the post.
    However, the auto-fill locator function places a full address into both the lat and lng boxes on the form when it is clicked. I’m assuming some sort of encoding takes place in the scripting that combines lat and lng into a single address. Would it be possible to disable this so that the boxes are populated with the actual lat and lng? If so how would I do this?


    What you describe is not the correct behavior of the plugin. Where do you see that the lat/lng fields are being auto-fill with the full address.

    When the auto-locator, the map or autocomplete fields are being triggered the location data ( address components and lat/long ) is being populated into hidden field which after submission being saved into the custom fields of your choice. When the address is entered manually and form is submitted the address will be geocoded and same thing as above will happened.

    So basically, the hidden lat/long fields which are hidden should be auto-fielled with the lat/long of the address being entered in anyway ( manually, map, auto-locator or autocomplete).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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