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[Resolved]"No members found" on Members Locator form

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    Greg Mount

    Local development environment, latest version of WordPress, BuddyPress and GMW with default 2015 theme. No plugins enabled except BuddyPress and GMW. Test users created and location set after GMW installed and configured. The wppl_friends_locator table contains user location data, but the form returns “No members found.”

    Tried to duplicate the settings from same implementation on another site that is known to work with no joy. Works fine with geolocated posts and pages, but not with BuddyPress users. What could be causing this issue?


    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the details. I am not sure why members are not showing up but to begin with can you provide a link to the search form?

    Greg Mount

    As I mentioned, this is on a local development environment. So, sure:



    Greg Mount

    Got the following error with debugging enabled:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘gmwlocations.feature’ in ‘field list’]

    SELECT wp_users.ID,wp_users.user_login,wp_users.user_pass,wp_users.user_nicename,wp_users.user_email,wp_users.user_url,wp_users.user_registered,wp_users.user_activation_key,wp_users.user_status,wp_users.display_name,, gmwlocations.long, gmwlocations.feature, gmwlocations.street,, gmwlocations.state, gmwlocations.zipcode,, gmwlocations.address, gmwlocations.formatted_address, gmwlocations.map_icon FROM wp_users LEFT JOIN wppl_friends_locator gmwlocations ON ID = gmwlocations.member_id WHERE 1=1 AND wp_users.ID IN (3,2,1) ORDER BY user_login ASC

    Greg Mount

    Manually added the column in the db and the form works. Not optimal, but at least it helps to isolate the issue.


    🙂 Sorry, I didn’t realize you were on local.

    1) Looking at the database table wpp_friends_locator do you see the “feature” column in there?

    2) when you installed GEO my WP 2.6.1 was it a clean install or an update from a previous version?

    Greg Mount

    1) The feature column was not present (thus the error message). As previously noted, the column was manually created.

    2) Clean install, not an update.


    I apologize. I have been using my phone to read and respond so I missed some information.

    I am glad it is working but I guess the column is missing in the database creation. This column was added in GEO my WP 2.6.1.

    Greg Mount

    Yesterday I report a bug. Same day you diagnose and confirm it. Today I see an update to fix it. You, my friend, are a WordPress development rock star.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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