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[Waiting for user confirmation]"no members found"

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    (sorry for my bad english)

    I have installed Geomywp with the Kleo addon (purchased on your site) but the members form built with the core plugin always sais that “no members found”. But there are members and the kleo addon shows it very well. I need¬† the members form running ok because I need the widget.

    I opened a ticket in Kleo private forum but have no answer in a week.


    Thanks and regards from Spain.

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    The same Problem with buddypress in Germany ;). I step into your topic as well.


    Hi, SEOSEMbra,

    Could I ask you wich is your tld (the end of the domain)?

    I have 2 domains with the same config (a test domain and a production domain). But only works in the .net (test) not in the .land (production)


    Hi Ignacio,

    sounds strange… my tld is a .land (.com) Domain, too.


    sorry, is a .land or a .com?, perhaps it could help the admins to help us. My problem is only in the .land


    It is a .com Domain, based on a german member community. Sorry for this little mistake.


    ok, so I think we need to wait for admins to help us…


    Hey Guys,
    Sorry for missing out your posts.

    I released an update a couple days ago which should take care of a “No members” issues.

    can you please update ( if you haven’t done so already ) and let me know if it takes care of the issue.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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