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    I need help in setting up geo my wp in my website.

    Initially i purchased premium settings, global maps and exclude members add-ons to make sure that the maps would show any member, user and tenant nearby.

    I created API-key as well as enabling all the needed google API’s to make sure the geolocator works.

    I do really need this to work.

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    Hello Nanang,
    I can tell that the API key is working because the Current Location widget, in the sidebar, is working properly. However, this widget is only meant to detect and display the visitor’s ( the one who is viewing the site ) current location.

    In order to display BuddyPress members on a map you need to create a Global Map using GEO my WP forms builder ( dasbboard -> GEO my WP -> forms ) and enter the map’s shortcode in any of your pages.

    Also, in order to display the BuddyPress members on your site they need to add their location via the Location tab of their profile page.

    let me know if that helps.


    Hi Eyal,

    Thank you for your fast response.

    I did put the global maps on front page, put the setting as attached, but the maps did not load properly, how to resolve this?

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    Hello Nanang,

    If you’ll look at the browser console of your site you will see two JavaScript errors which are most likely the cause for the issue:

    1) You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.
    This error indicates that multiple API calls are being made on your site. That means that another plugin or the theme is also registering the Google Maps API and that most times causes for conflicts.
    You will need to find out which is the other plugin or maybe theme that uses Google APIs by deactivating the different plugin and by switching to a default WordPress theme.

    2) Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError this error indicates that the Google API key is missing. Now, you did add a Google API key to GEO my WP Settings page. However, the other Google API call that is being made on your site, which does not have an API key, is overriding the API call that is being made by GEO my WP.

    Basically, a single API call with an API key is need to be made from your site. So, you need to either find which plugin ( or if thats the theme ) uses Google API and disable the API call that is being made by it. Or disable the call that is being made by GEO my WP but pass the API key via the API call that is being made by the other plugin.

    I know it might be confusing. My advice is to first which plugin or if the theme is also registering the Google API key. Once you find out let me know and we will take it from there.


    Hi Eyal,

    I have tried deactivated some plugins that includes api key

    I also have change the theme to the basic theme (twenty sixteen)

    So far these has not changed anything.

    I would try creating another API key and see whether it would work.

    will update the result soon.

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    I logged into your site again. There are 2 issues:

    1) A conflict with “Indeed Smart PopUp” plugin. The plugin uses Google Maps but does not have an input field for the API key. So not only Indeed Smart PopUp plugin conflicts with GEO my WP because there are 2 API calls made from your site. But also the Indeed Smart PopUp plugin override the API call that is made by GEO my WP so GEO my WP API key is never registered. So, you need to contact the developer of the Indeed Smart PopUp plugin and alert him that a Google API key is now required and that an API key input box is needed in the settings page.

    2) Your API key was not properly set. Even with the Indeed Smart PopUp plugin deactivated right now, the map is not working. However, when I tested it with my test API key the map worked perfectly. You need navigate to the Google console and make sure that you entered your site’s URL in the API key settings. You can see in this page, in step 5, which is the box that you should enter the site’s URL. Also, make sure that you don’t enter it like ** but like*

    Let me know if that help.


    hi eyal,

    Thank you for the response, we finally able to see the map working after following your instruction about the API key setting.

    There are still some issues we’d like to solve though, should we state it here or open a new ticket?

    1) how to change the default showing map? I had try to change the longitude and latitude yet the default map on load still showing London while i want to show Jakarta.
    2) Is there any way to make sure that the input window got attached to the map in mobile mode? Our user would mostly using their mobile devices and the way the input window go so far ahead on the header (covering the logo and menu), it might be a little confusing. We would love to have the input window not obscuring the header and attached to the map result.

    Thank you for your patience and response. Will be waiting for the next response.

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    Hi Eyal,

    We found out another issue with “user denied geolocation” in Buddypress’s Profile page.

    When we’d try to change or update the location there was some prompt message saying “user denied geolocation”.

    We installed bbpress plugin and thought that it was the cause, yet after deactivate the plugin the problem persists.

    Please look into it, will be waiting for your response

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    at the moment the profile page would only be accessible through admin sign in.

    will be looking forward to your reply


    Hi Eyal,

    I had another difficulties in the global maps display.

    I regenerate new API key as per your instruction, but failing to make the map display come up. I had followed the instruction for setting the API key to the T, but no map showing.

    Please do help. Thank you for your attention and responses.

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    hi Eyal,

    Just to let you know that the map is working well. thank you


    Hi Nanang,
    Sorry for losing track on this issue. However, I am glad you got it working now.

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