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    Hello Eyal and thank you for this awesome plugin.

    I’ve a problem with the option with no result. The custom message doesn’t work (and I buy this option for that). 😉

    An other thing, on your 1.4 archive, it’s always the 1.3 version wrote inside the main file.

    Sorry for my english, french people think that france remains the center of the world… 😉



    Hello Jeremie,
    Thank you for the purchase and apologies for the delay as I have missed your post.

    1) I will look into the “No Results” issue today and will provide a fix ASAP.

    2) The issue with the version number was already fixed so next time you update the plugin the version should be ok.

    3) My english is full of errors as well so no worries about the language :). And I wish I could understand French. I took a class in collage trying to learn it but gave up after one class. I must admit it is not an easy language :).


    Nice ! Merci beaucoup ! 😉


    Hi Jeremie,
    To let you know that I have already fixed the issue and I will upload an update version by tomorrow. I am working on few other small bugs.


    Thank you ! I’m waiting for it. 😉

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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