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[Resolved]No results when using Return Key

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    Alan Green

    When you fill in the location field and then tab down to the required location from those listed, and then hit the return key – you get a “Something went wrong while retrieving your location.” error.

    If you select with your mouse and then hit Submit then it works as expected.

    This is the same on the plugin demo site.

    Is there any way of fixing this?


    Hello Alan,
    I am not aware of this issue. Can you please provide a link to the demo page where the issue exists? And if possible also to provide a link to the live page of your site?


    Alan Green
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    Alan Green

    Can you please, please, please respond to this! I was kinda hoping that buying two add-ons would enable me to receive some kind of support.


    I truly sorry for losing track on this topic.

    Which shortcodes did you use in the results page?

    Alan Green

    No worries. For the homepage I used

    [gmw form="1"]

    On submitting this form it takes me to the Results page which has

    [gmw map='2'] (for the map at the top of the page

    Then I have some content and then…

    [gmw form='2'] (for the search results and search form)


    Thank you.

    That’s is the issue. You are using different forms in both pages. When using form with ID 1, for example, you need to have a results shortcode with the same form ID 1 that will display its results.

    ON the results page try this:

    1) Instead of only

    [gmw map='2']


    [gmw map="2"]
    [gmw map="1"]

    So the proper map will be displayed based on the form being submitted.

    2) Below
    [gmw form='2']

    [gmw search_results="1"]

    to display the search results of form with ID 1 ( from the homepage ) when is being submitted.

    Give it a try and let me know if it work.


    Alan Green

    Thanks. See private reply…

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    You are welcome.

    Please navigate to the form editor of form 1 and under the “Search Results” tab in the “Display Map” radio button choose “Using Shortcode”.

    Save the form and try the search again.

    Alan Green

    Hi Eyal. That appears to work perfectly. Is it okay, though, to include two instances of these shortcodes? Seems a little odd.


    Yes, it is perfectly fine. That’s how the plugin meant to work. It gives you the flexibility to create different search form that can look and function differently.

    Event tough you are placing multiple shortcodes on the site, only the shortcodes that belong to the submitted form are being fully executed. So there should not be any noticeable effect on performance.

    Alan Green
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