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[Resolved]no settings, no submit form

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    I’ve just updated to GEO WP 2.4 and my Sweetdate theme is also at the last version 2.6.
    Here are the issues:
    – submit button not working, nothing happens when I click on it and so no results.
    – no auto-complete in the location form.
    – no new settings in the “Settings” page of GEO my WP under “Sweet Date” tab and so no other features that GEO my WP adds to Sweet-Date theme.


    Since the last update submit button is working. Thanks !

    But still:
    – no auto-complete in the location form.
    – no new settings in the “Settings” page of GEO my WP under “Sweet Date” tab and so no other features that GEO my WP adds to Sweet-Date theme.


    Do you see the “Sweet date” tab at all in the setting page?


    In “GEO my WP” settings no, no “sweetdate” tab.
    In “Sweetdate” settings no “GEO my WP” tab ether.


    do you think you can provide me with admin access so I could debug the plugin?


    You can log in with
    user: EyalShimonFitoussi
    password: EyalShimonFitoussi

    tell me every change please.


    I see that you are using a child theme. I believe that this is the issue. Before I touch anything in your site can you please change to the main Sweed-Date theme and see if the settings are there?


    Yes the child theme is the issue. After switching to the main sweetdate theme i can see the setting:
    “Enable Sweet-Date integration?”

    Should I wait for an update of swwetdate or can you do something ?
    And can I delete your admin account ?


    I will need to get that fixed.
    For now you can fix it by modifying the code.
    you can open geo-my-wp.php and remove line 174 which should be

    This should make the tab visible at all times.


    Yes the tab is visible.
    Anyway there many features not going well with Sweetdate as:
    – no more autocomplete, even in forms from created with GEOMYWP. That’s a big issue.
    – no adresse field for searching by geolocalisation. Maybe it will be release in an Sweetdate update ??

    The map above members is working.


    1) GEO my WP never had autocomplete. The only Autocomplete provided is in the “Location” tab of member profile page and in the Etid post page in the admin.

    2)GEO my WP should add an “Address” field to the members page. If you do not see it please switch to the main Sweet-date theme and check if you see it there.


    1) MEA CULPA Eyal, autocomplete was a Sweetdate feature that non longer works. I’ve mistaken with GEOMYWP.
    2) Yes there is an “Adress” field in members page and the map also. That very nice to show the adress but i was asking about an adress field in the search form of Sweetdate to easily geolocalize members. Sweedate is made to search members so i thought there will be a geolocalization in the initial search form thanks to GEOMYWP.

    For information: I just update to 2.4.2 and your tab is still not shown with the child theme. So I will remove line 174 “if ( wp_get_theme() == ‘Sweetdate’ )” in geo-my-wp.php.

    And by the way, thanks for your great job!


    You are welcome.
    I will take a look at the issues you have mentioned. IS it possible to email me the child theme that you are using?
    I would like to test it and hopefully solve the issue.
    If possible please email the zip file to

    Thank you!


    here also , after update 2.4.2
    (disable key,disable plugins etc)
    the tab sweetdate (in child) disapeare ..missing


    line 174 “if ( wp_get_theme() == ‘Sweetdate’ )” in geo-my-wp.php is not the same anymore, it is now

    //include sweetdate theme functions when needed
    $active_theme = wp_get_theme();
    if ( $active_theme->get(‘Name’) == ‘Sweetdate’ || $active_theme->get(‘Template’) == ‘Sweetdate’ )
    add_action( ‘bp_init’, array( $this, ‘sweetdate_init’ ), 20 );

    Should i delete all of it ?

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