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[Resolved]"Oops! Something went wrong." when using auto complete for xprofile

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    Hi everyone – I’m new!

    First off, great plugins – I’m building a site around them and BuddyPress.

    Here’s the trouble I’m having – I’ve installed Geo my WP, Global Maps, and Xprofile Fields.

    1. When registering (BuddyPress) and using Google’s autocomplete API, I get an error in the text field (screen shot, attachment 1); and
    2. When displaying the Global members map, chock full of errors (screenshot, attachment 2).

    Searching the forums didn’t give me anything – does anyone have some advice on troubleshooting these?

    Many thanks,

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    Hello Trevor and thank you for the kind purchases.

    I just found out, while looking for a solution for your issue, that staring June 22nd Google requires an API key in order to use its Google Maps API ( you can read about it here ).

    Please follow the instruction and get a Google Maps API key ( version 3.0 ) then enter it in GEO my WP settings page. Then test the map again and let me know if it works.



    Hi Eyal,

    Okay, I followed the instructions, but there is no change. The errors still appear.
    Just because of the way APIs work sometimes, I’m going to wait about an hour and see what happens then.



    Okay, no change after an hour and a bit.

    Autocomplete and map display errors (it’s the “Oops! Something went wrong.” error).

    I’ve generated a valid API, checked that the service provided by the API are the ones I need, but still nothing.

    Hmm. I hope this isn’t going to be a long day… 😉


    Okay, here’s some progress to report…

    Without changing anything I haven’t listed in this thread, a map now shows (

    Observed behaviours:
    Members map page ( specified in GWP’s Settings > General > Results Page)
    1. None of the map controls after ~3 seconds, and cannot escape from full-screen mode, if enabled;
    2. Clicking on marker (if any) found on map open frames, but shows nothing (screenshot 2);
    3. There is no autocomplete in the text box on the search box inside The Map;
    4. Entering an address anyway causes the page to permanently stall (not hang) on the rotating-circle animation as though it’s looking up the address or ordering lunch;
    5. Activation of new user fails (might be a BuddyPress thing, but here for context – screenshot 3);

    Registration/Activation (BuddyPress)
    1. There is autocomplete working on the /Register page (;
    2. Upon registering a test account, I get this error (screenshot 1);
    3. Location captured by Registration of test user does/does not show in the Members Map (

    I hope I’m including enough information here … any fixes or ideas are hugely welcomed, please!

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    Thank you for the info Trevor.

    I don’t see the Global Map on the “the-map” page anymore. Did you remove it?

    Also, in registration page I don’t see the address field. I assume that you remove it since it was not working? If so, can you please enable it again so I could take a look at it?



    Hi Eyal,

    I think all is working fine now – I spend the entire day on it. There’s much tweaking yet to happen on the site, but all the GWP-related elements seem to be working now.

    In the end, I set up a new gmail account for my site and got a fresh API and just let the Google back-end do its magic. All sorted itself out by the end of the day.


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    OK Perfect.

    I apologize for the troubles, but it seems that the new Google API “rules” caused issues to many Google Maps users ( not only GEO my WP users ).

    I am glad however that all is working for you now.


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