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    My maps were working, now they are not.
    I Checked the DOM and saw OVER_QUERY_LIMIT erro on my map calls

    I have already tried to check the box in the general settings for using JS to geocode, but still nothing.

    I am on my local server:

    not sure if that is tripping it up or not.

    Please advise.

    Alvin Bond

    This thread should answer your question –

    Just download the latest version of the plugin, but only update the JS code specified, and you should no longer get the query over limit error.

    Best of luck!


    Hi Alvin,
    Thanks for that.
    I gave it a shot and i still receiving the over the limit error…
    darn..i really wanted to come back and say YAY! its fixed!

    Alvin Bond

    That’s odd as that fixed the issue for me completely, best of luck to you!

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    Hi Scott,
    Can you please post a link to the page with the search form. I cannot find it.


    Hi Eyal,
    The map code is on that above link….but it’s not loading…look in the DOM and you can see the call to google maps, but the over limit response.

    Please let me know if you need access to anything.


    Hi Eyal,
    Any word on this?
    I still cant figure it out.

    Please advise



    Hi Elya,
    So i made some progress…not sure why or how this is happening, but when i put the form code in the template file it does not work, BUT when i also add the short code for the same form inthe content area it allows the form template code to work..i ahve no idea…I assume that the short code is calling some dependency that the template code is not and therefore allows it to load….BUT the page only loads the code it comes across in this instance my template code is above the short code so it loads first…if i want to move the template code below the short code then it will load the short code first as it is on top.
    Not ideal, but its working for the time being.
    Figured that might help you debug the issue better.

    Please see the page here to see the template code working in conjunction with the short code.



    @Scott, This is weird. It should work with the shortcode in the template file.
    Is it possible to provide me FTP access. I would like to debug the issue and fix as needed.
    If so please send it to


    BTW, have you done anything before the map stopped working? New plugin? new theme? anything?


    The shortcode you had in the template file was [gmw map=”2″] when it should be [gmw form=”2″].
    I changed it and it is now working.


    I use WP MarketPlace plugin and use gmw_update_user_location( $vendor_id, $formatted_address, true ); to sync Vendor and GMW Member addresses.

    but there is a error OVER QUERY LIMIT. Can you check pleae.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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