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[Not resolved]page load results feature don't work

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    i set filter and also category but none of them work and show when the page load.
    don’t show any drop down or field for search based on coutry, zipcode …


    i did:
    1- create a form
    2- use [gmw search_form=”1″] , [gmw map=”1″] and [gmw search_results=”2″]
    3- use Enable page load features and doing well

    but when i want to set a filter on page like (country,zipcode …), it show me a blank page and don’t work at all. i think this feature has conflict with something in my page

    is there any solution for that



    1) Why are you using [gmw search_results=”2″] when the other shortcodes has the value 1? it should be [gmw search_results=”2″]

    2) Can you post a link to the live page?

    using [gmw form=”1″] will have the same results as using [gmw search_form=”1″] , [gmw map=”1″] and [gmw search_results=”1″]. Unless there is a reason why you are using the separate shortcodes.


    oh sorry i write here by mistake. all of them has ID 1. its ok.
    this is a live page :

    i don’t have any problem with showing the locations. i just want to filter the map by location too.
    and link them to each icon top of the search field.

    i see there is a feature in “Page Load Result” Tab that say filter by city, country, state … . it doesn’t enable in my form.
    and when i write text in those field the page doesn’t work anymore


    is it make sense ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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