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[Resolved]Pagination doesn't work

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    Hello again :),

    The pagination doesn’t seem to work for me. It didn’t work with the previous version and also not with the new beta.

    – Already tried to deactivate all plugins
    – Already tried to change to the default theme
    – Already tried to use the default search form and result page
    – I’m using permalinks structure “/blog/%postname%/”

    I have two forms on two different pages. In the pages where the search form and the results are displayed, there’s only this shortcode “[gmw form=”results”]”.

    The search page look something like this:

    In difference to the GMW-Demo, where the pagination is a GET variable “&paged=2”


    The first page always displays results, but the other ones just show the shortcode [gmw form=”results”]. No search form, no results.

    Do you have any idea what can be wrong?


    Thank you


    Looking at the link you provided the results display fine. Did you get that fixed?

    Regardless, I don’t completely understand how your setup works. It seems like you have done some custom modifications ( which looks awesome BTW ) but I don’t see the pagination links. Seems like your setup has an infinite scroll rather than pagination?


    Oh, this link was just an example link ( Didn’t know that there is an existing site 😉

    So I use your default plugin, not the one used on that page 😀


    Oh man, I should have known… I blame it on the late hours..:)

    Is the search form placed in the home page?


    No it’s two forms on two different (not home) pages.


    Oh man, searched for hours and now got it.
    Wasn’t a problem with your plugin. It was just a problem with “Plugin Organizer” that deactivated the plugin for page 2

    Fixed. Thank you.


    You are welcome, I am glad you got it fixed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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