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Paid for Pro, Got old version

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    I cant get my pro version (Version 1.6.1 ) from today to work. The shortcodes for widget are visible:

    [wppl_location show_name=”1″ display_by=”city” title=”Your location”]

    After a whole day bugtracking, I read that this is not proper shortcode? :

    – wppl_location that displays user’s current location is now wppl_current_location

    I paid at

    Do I have to hack the corefiles?

    / Intervik




    Hi Intervik,

    thank you so much for the support.

    in the last update i changed two short codes (only the names).

    one was wppl_location and now it is wppl_current_location and the other that was wppl_single is now wppl_single_location.

    they only thing you need to do is change the name in the single template file.

    i am sorry for the inconvenience  and again, thank you for your support.


    Where is that template file?

    Its thrown out by the widget



    Search “[wppl_location” (2 hits in 2 files)

    geo-my-wpadminadmin-settings.php (1 hits)

    geo-my-wpadminwidgets.php (1 hits)


    i am just assuming that it is in a single template file that should be in your theme folder.  when you first installed the plugin, where did you add the “wppl_location” to?


    Its thrown out by the widget


    one moment.


    This doesnt work either:

    Sorry, no members were found. click here to search wihtin a greater range or click here to see all results.

    All results nothing.


    Posts works as expected, but not members as on your demo.


    As for your first issue, i just found out that it’s in the plugin. i have not changed the shortcode in the widgets file. Embarrassing!

    let me know if you can change the line of code in the widgets.php file or should i send you a fixed zip file?

    Now for the other issue. do you have profile fields in the search form or just search field?

    can you post a link to your site?


    Please email a zip.">

    I think there is more missing parts, couse I can see shortcodes elsewhere too, and members and other just nothing or blank.



    Im on localhost. The “free” version worked more than my paid one …

    To be more prec:

    I spend whole day to track down why my install didnt work as your demo. So A got a new install 6.1 BP and no other plugs. Default  Buddypress theme.

    No changes. So I started to google…

    Here is the situation:

    Everything exept buddypress (post type search, forms, shortcodes) posttype widgets seems fine. Maps  radius results works from my saved xprofile location.

    My location tab on profile works fine, Full Address, etc ect for all members, when visiting me or when I visiting others. The xprofile location shows in RANDOM widget as well


    My location as logged in “zip” or city choice widget shows another then the xprofile/ or saved data in location tab.

    It shows my ip adress

    And I cant force it to use my checkin location/ saved. (Im in denmark but your plug tells me Im in Stockholm) = Im using mobilephone as router, and my account is in Sweden.

    My services MUST provide that the users xprofile data OR location saved latidude IS THE CURRENT LOCATION. The autodetect is ONLY a service to fill out the form.

    Any ideas?





    Got a zip, gonna install …


    Ok. The shortcodes are gone. The Map is showing on the search results as it did for the post types. Now I only got the DUBBLED current location Issue. Im gonna send a dump-image of how it looks.



    ok. i sent you the file. let me know if it solves the issue.

    For the next issue :/

    this is how i meant for the plugin to work:

    when a user enter a location in his “location” it is not suppose to be his current location but more of his permanent location. maybe his home address or office if someone have a services website.

    The “current location” widget suppose to show the user his current location and the results on the page should be displayed based on that. so yeah, it can be that the location tab shows one location but the current location is a different location. however, the user can change the location in the widget by clicking on the locator icon or enter the address manually by clicking on the link in the widget (the location is the link).

    now the issue with the ip address is probably caused by a new feature i added.

    the when a user first go to the website or when he clicks on the locator icon the plugin first check if the browser supports Geolocator and if so it suppose to get the location using that. in the last update i added the ip address support. When the browser does not support geolocation or when the browser could’t find a location for what ever reason it will use the ip address to get the user’s location. this is something i can probably add a checkbox to the setting so admin could turn that off.

    Now,  using the location in the “location” tab has the current location is not available yet but it is something that i can probably look into and see if i can add.

    please let me know if the above helps and if the zip file works.


    Ok. The Zip seems to work!

    The other issue :

    My browser support location – when started to try the free version I got the toolbar asking if accept the GEO service.

    Firefox, Chrome and Opera tested.

    About the link :

    Hello, Lennart! Your locationStockholm

    When clicking on “Stockholm” the field shows up. When I Entering new zip – and click GO nothing happens. (even if I change the widget to City same thing – no respond at all. – ALL BROWSERS

    Click on the button IN the field gives the SEARCH and popup “We found you in … ” – as expected.

    Is there a jquery button bug or cnflict? (my test tools throws NO ERROR when clicking on the GO button)


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