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Paid for Pro, Got old version

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    SORRY, It seems to be another problem. I cant get the Markers to show up on the result map as on post type. I tried the LET the User SELECT and not.

    Also NO members are listed below the map. But THE MAP DATA returns the right text (Found 4 memebrs of … within 30 miles from …)

    Searching right now in the template settings for any missing from my side…


    Hi again.

    Got the new ZIP and the button works. When typing the same value as I did on xprofile save data adress, it throws the STATE instead of zip and city:

    Hello, admin!Your locationSk�ne l�n

    It should be: 21132 Malmö (as it found on search, and everywhere else input field changer, backend and frontend Location)

    Also, The json / ajax protocol is not in UTF, The scandinavian letters are messed. Gonna try encode the .js files.

    Thanks anyway doing this support quickly



    The members loop/ and PINS does not show up though… (But the data is right above map)


    can you see if there is an error with firebug when running the search?


    WIDGET BP Member s location is completley gone (never been there obviously) So something is wrong with the call of  a member loop.

    The NEAR members title id showing, but all the time RANDOM

    Show all results link gives nothing

    As told. The Map search result seems to spit out right ids, but no list below


    Dont have firebug

    — now I got it …


    TypeError: avatar is null




    can you let me access the admin area?

    it is difficult to me to find the problems without seeing them.

    the previous issues with the shortcode name and the button in the widget was the plugin’s issue so i could see and fix. the above issue are more complex to find like that.

    and the BP members widget you suppose to see only when showing a member profile. do you see it in the admin area at all?



    The maxmind.js and Google loading before jquery in header section.

    This slows down the site loading as ** (maxmind takes 3 – 5 sek)

    I need to enquene and  pull ALL GEO LAST onload in the footer.

    But I start another thread about the order of loading tings tight now. just would like i  to work first as your demo.


    Oki, Im on local server/ localhost so I cant grant access. What I do, is pull it up on another server so ya can access!


    Its middle of late night/ morning in Scandinavia so Im closing it for the night…

    I think the solution is NEAR! !! So I come back tomorrow/ mailing access as soon I cloned up the stuff.

    THANKS for the work so far.


    Great! Its midnight here and I am tired 🙂 so that works out. Contact me tomorrow  again and  hopefully get it fixed.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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