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Plugin causing site display issue in IE and Nearby Widget not working

Forums Bug Reports Plugin causing site display issue in IE and Nearby Widget not working

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    I’ve just realised that the plugin causes my site’s front page to load incorrectly in IE9, but fire in Chrome and FF. If I deactivate Geo My WP Premium then it works fine. The search result page is also a bit of a mess in IE9, seems to lose all formatting, but is OK in FF/Chrome and will only need a few minor tweaks to the css to fit in with my theme (I’ve not changed anything yet). I’ve tried all the results templates and IE9 doesn’t play nicely with any of them 🙁

    home page – – slider image is all squashed to one side..

    search page  –

    Second problem is that the nearby widget isn’t displaying properly. I’ve left it in on the results page above so you can see what I mean.



    Hi   Dave,

    Thank you for the support by getting the premium version. I am sorry you are already having issues.

    i see that most of the issues are CSS related which shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome, i hope. As CSS issue are always expected with  plugins since we can customize it to fit all themes out of the box.

    Let me start with the easy one, the near by widget. by “isn’t displaying properly” you mean CSS related , right? does it work fine by displaying the near by posts?

    i played with firebug in your site and it should be easy to style it to fit your site. the – h3 – tag is the one that causes the “issue”. please try adding the code below to your stylesheet and let me know if it work:

    .near-single-location h3 {

    width: 200px !important;

    padding: 0px !important;

    margin: 0px !important;

    font-size: 13px;

    border: none !important;

    min-height: 13px;

    background: none !important;


    about the other CSS issues with IE i am going to work on it this week. I admit i have not gave much of attention to IE as to Chrome and FF, i Apologize.

    the only issue i need more details from you is “I’ve just realised that the plugin causes my site’s front page to load incorrectly in IE9”. please try to explain in detail what exactly is the issue and what loads incorrectly so i could find the issue and get a fix for it.

    Thank you



    now when i read your post again, “front page to load incorrectly in IE9” is the issue with the “slider image is all squashed to one side..” ?


    That CSS worked great – did the trick! I added it to geo-my-wp/css/style.css

    Yes, the problem is with the slider being squashed to one side. I’m the same with IE, i never check stuff out in it and when i do there’s usually something that needs sorting!!

    The search  results are also appearing without proper formatting  (try searching with default paramaters – LL552AR as the input to see what I mean).



    Awesome for the widget,
    As I promised I will work this week on all the IE issues. I am almost done with some other bug fix so probably tonight or tomorrow I will start working on the IE part.
    The issue is that I am working with a Mac and have no IE. so every time I need to check something on IE I need to reboot my Mac and start it on windows. And then restart again in Mac. However, it is unprofessional to leave IE out like that so I promise I’ll take care of it.


    Cheers – that’s appreciated!


    Hi again Eyal – I’ve finally got around to installing the new premium version on my test site and the addition to the css above doesn’t work this time around…


    I don’t think I’m getting the same issue though as the two widgets that appear are nice and tidy. The nearby widget (wppl near locations) doesn’t want to display any results and you can see the tag widget below is pushed out of place by the nearby widget that’s meant to be above it. Maybe I’ve missed something??

    Cheers again.

    P.s. will email to sort out payment for premium!

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