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[Resolved]Plugin Not Showing Results (Yet, finds them)

Forums Sweet Date Theme Integration Plugin Not Showing Results (Yet, finds them)

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    I’ve installed and setup the plugin best to my knowledge with SweetDate and whenever I attempt to make a search. I.E

    LA, 25 miles.

    I get 250+ results, but then the members-loop.php says, “sorry, no members found.”

    Things I’ve done:
    1. Enabled sweet-date integration.
    2. Double checked if memebers-loop if anything looks fishy.
    3. Googled.

    I was hopping if you can give me a idea where to search or maybe how to solve this problem.

    Thank you,



    Hi Andrew,
    Which versions of GEO my WP BuddyPress are you using?


    Hey, Eyal!

    It’s ver 2.4.6.


    And BUddyPress?
    There was a major change after BuddyPress 2.0 so if you have an earlier version it might cause the issue


    Hate to say it, but yes…

    2.0.1 — to be exact.


    Mmm… I am not sure. can you post a link to the live page?


    Unfortunately, no since it’s for a client and I’m under a NDA. However I am permitted to share code snippets (No tricks here. :P). Just let me know what you want to see and I’ll get it for you.


    [EDIT] And the website is under construction too, so it’s not live.


    That won’t be much of a help. Sometimes I will just go to a page play around with it hope to see something. Sometimes it could be javascript error,which is most likely not your case but worth checking, sometimes will see something else.

    Do you have debug on? if not can you enable it to see if you get a warning or an error?


    I also assume that your members have location added via GEO my WP’s location tab?


    I’m not seeing any JS errors in Google Chrome and I tried debug mode, but I’m not getting any errors I havent seen before appear when i try to search.

    I cant say 100% certain. (Bit of a WP noob) I know the users just fill out.. Country, state, city, zip. I’m wondering if GEO WP only reads the “address” field in a profile?

    Sorry about the delay, couldn’t touch the website after this all day meeting with a client of ours.


    IN order for users to be searchable via GEO my WP they must enter their address using the “Location” tab in their profile page and not the Profile Fields section. Go to your BuddyPress profile page, click on the “Location” tab and you will see the address fields with a map. Enter your location and save it. Go to the members page and see if you are showing in search results.


    Hi Andrew,
    Did you get this to work?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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