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    I am seeing some things in the database table “wp_places_locator” that (I believe) is generated by the plugin when geolocation data is added to a post. First off, the values for the fields “street_name” and “street_number” seem to be switched. See screen1.jpg

    Secondly, the database entries are not deleted after I delete them in the wp admin. I created a custom post type that I named “dealer”. I created 3 instances of that post type for testing purposes. I deleted 2 of them but the records are still present in the database table “wp_places_locator”. Is this a bug or is there another step I have to take to purge the records from the database? I know I can delete them in the database directly but I am wondering if there is a way to do this in the admin.


    Hello Hauke,

    Thank you for providing this information. I am going to look into the two issues and release a new version if needed.


    Hello Hauke,

    I looked into the street_name/street_number issue that you described but I cannot duplicate it on my sites. Everything seems to be in places.

    Which version of GEo my WP are you using?

    Do you save your locations via the “Edit post” page of the admin dashboard or using a custom form or a plugin?


    Hey Eyal,

    I am using version

    I am saving the location data in the WP admin dashboard “Edit Post”. No custom form or plugin. I created a custom post type (dealer) that I am applying the geolocation data to. However, I just tested it on a regular WP post and I am getting the same behavior. I attached a few screen shots.

    screen1 – database snapshot with existing data I created last week.
    screen2 – database snapshot with one additional “dealer” record I created this morning.
    screen3 – wp admin ui where I enter the data. This is a screen shot of the regular wp post type, NOT my custom “dealer” post type.
    screen4 – database snapshot with one additional “regular” wp post type record.

    Note that in all instances, street names are in the “street_number” column and street numbers are in the “street_name” column.

    As a further test, I deleted the regular wp post I had created to see if it would be deleted from the database. As with the other custom “dealer” posts I had created, the regular post was also not deleted from the database.

    Let me know if you need more information from me and what you are seeing on your end.


    Thank you Hauke,
    I did find the issue and fixed it. I will upload a new version either today or tomorrow.



    Hey Eyal,

    Thanks so much for your quick response and providing a new release so promptly!

    Just a couple of questions to clarify.

    Did you fix both issues, i.e. values for street_number and street_name being swapped AND database records not being deleted when posts are deleted in the wp admin, or just one of them?

    Also, will your fix work retroactively and fix the database table values, aka put the numbers from street_name into street_number and thanes from _number into _name or will that have to be done manually?

    Jason Morgan

    As of today, I am having the same issue of the GeoMyWP database entries not being deleted when the post they are associated with is. I just had to manually clean out over 600 orphaned entries from the wp_places_locator table. Since my client needs to export addresses on a regular basis, this could be a problem.

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