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    Hello there, I have a little problem. First I have –in page A– a posts locator form which takes your address (or an address) and then gives you the results on a new page–page B–. Iwanted too to display all the post locations on a global map near my posts locator form. So, I did it. But now, the first posts locator form does not work. Is it not possible to use 2 different forms on the same page? Am i explaining ok? Thanks


    Hello Lucas,
    Two forms should work on the same page. What exactly do you meant by “But now, the first posts locator form does not work”? The form is not being submitted? Not showing results?

    A link to the live page might help as well.



    Hi Eyal, I attach you 2 videos for you to see the problem. As u can see in the first video I have a post locator form and a global map… and the post locator form is not working.


    In the second one, u can see the post locator on its own, working properly.

    Any idea?

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    Hello there! any news about my issue? thankss


    Hi Lucas,
    Sorry for missing out your last reply. And thank you for the videos and link, that was helpful. It looks like a conflict between the Global Map and the locator button of a different form.

    I am going to look into that and provide a fix. I will keep you updated.



    Thanks Eyal! I’ll be looking forward to your solution.


    Hi Eyal, any news? I have a presentation on friday to do…. It would be great if it was for that day…. if it’s not possible no worries, i am patient.



    Hi Lucas,
    I uploaded a new version ( 2.1 beta 1 ) and you can download it from Your Account page.

    Please give it a try and let me know if it takes care of the issue.



    Hi there Eyal! Glad to tell you that everything is working fine now! thanks a lot for the quick response and solution!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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