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[Resolved]Premise Field Showing N/A

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    Sean Derrig

    Hi Eyal,
    Great plugin. Thank you.
    But one thing is driving me nuts. I’ve set up all the Google APIs etc and the Geolocation, maps etc are all working brilliantly.
    Yes, sorting all the APIs etc nearly drove me nuts but it’s all working now except…
    The bit that I can’t get to work is the Premise and Neighbourhood fields always return N/A on the geolocator. I’m not worried about Neighbourhood but Premise is pretty important for me. And yes, I’ve set up the ‘Places’ web API etc.
    Any ideas?
    Not sure if this is relevant but it’s not working with Chrome – but I expect that to be solved in a day or so when my ISP installs SSL for me. All other browsers work fine.


    Hi Sean,

    You are welcome, and thank you for the purchase.

    I think I see where the issue is with the Premise value. I am going to look into it and will release an update.

    Regardless of this issue, just to let you know that based of what I have seen so far Google API rarely will return the a premise value when geocoding a location.


    HI Sean,
    Apologies on the delayed reply on this. However, I have already released a new version which should take care of the premise field issue. Please update your plugin and give it a try.

    let me know if that helps.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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