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Premium Settings Missing Keyword Search

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    David Kenyon

    I had originally installed GMW 2.3 yesterday and was having trouble because of the absence of shortcodes. I downloaded the beta tonight and it solved many of my problems. Yesterday, I had bought the Premium Settings add-on and reinstalled it today, but it seems to be missing some things. For starters, there is no way to set up a keyword search. Is there something that I am missing?

    Dave Kenyon


    Thank you Dave for your purchase.
    I will need to send you the new version of the premium setting which compatible with the new version of GEO my WP 2.4.

    When you said you downloaded the beta I assume you are referring to GEO my WP 2.4?

    David Kenyon

    Yes. I just loaded 2.4 yesterday.

    I saw in the comments that you were adding shortcodes and not being a very good programmer, I needed to be able to use shortcodes. My site is under development is We are using your plugin to show people where products are made, but we are also adding a function wherein the user can see how many miles from them the product is made as well. This is to help reduce vehicle transportation miles of products shipped to customers. Your plugin has actually become a very critical part of our entire marketing strategy which is designed to encourage people to buy products from their own region to stop the destruction of local economies at the hands global consumerism. We would like people to know that we are using your plugin to encourage other e-commerce sites to start tracking product proximity. This has the potential to create enormous positive social impact and your plugin is pretty much the only thing out there that is easy enough to use for new e-commerce companies. We would like to put a “Powered by Geo My Word Press” logo or something on our site to accelerate its use in this way.

    To see more about proximity economics check out:

    At some point, we need a short code that calculates the linear distance from the short code to the location embedded in the post. Do you have something like that coming?

    Let me know. We are huge fans of your plugin. For now, I would settle for getting the Keywords search back up and working.

    Dave Kenyon
    Mujo Nation


    HI Dave,
    Thank you so much for the kind feedback. It is much appreciated.
    I like the idea of your project, it is pretty awesome. Good luck with that.

    I can look into adding the short code to display the distance of the product ( post ) from the user current location. I will most likely add it after this coming update. This updated been taking way too long and it needs to be released.

    I will email you right now the latest beta of GEO my WP 2.4 together with the new version of the Premium Settings.

    Let me know if you have any more questions or any way that will be able to help you with integrating GEO my WP with your project.

    BTW, Adding “Powered by Geo My Word Press” link in your site will be greatly appreciated. I have recently installed Affiliate system on the website which I am having some issues with at the moment. However, once fixed I will set up an account for you so you will get commission on any sales refereed from your site.

    Thank you,

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