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[Resolved]Presale question

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    I do not understand. You seem to have fixed a bug
    Version – 03/05/2014; Fix: conflict with Sweet-date theme
    but I see the message:
    “EO Member Directory add-on does not work with Sweet-day theme. GEO my WP already comes with Sweet-day theme integration Do not purchase this add-on if you are using Sweet-day. Theme on your site”
    Yet this is the theme Sweet-Date recommending your plugin !!

    1/ Do you have a solution soon?
    2/ I also bought kleo theme. No problem?



    The conflict was that the Members Directory was still being activated when Sweet-date theme is installed and that not suppose to happen.

    Members Directory add-on cannot work with themes which have a custom BuddyPress Members page such as Sweet-date. However, GEO my WP ( the free plugin ) comes with a built it solution which is almost identical to the Members Directory add-on. you have Sweet-date installed together with GEO my WP you should see the settings under GEO my WP -> Settings -> Sweet-date tab.

    I assume that other Kleo themes ( beside Sweet-date ) have a custom Members page as well and so Members Directory add-on won’t work.

    If you post a link to a live page of the theme I will take a look at the Members.


    FOr now I have disabled the member search. I will test this on another site with the theme kleo. I can give you access.
    It would be interresting that you contact the authors of sweetdate to integrate a solution. Your plugin should be integrated with their theme!?

    PS: arriving on your site with firefox browser 32, I have a popup:
    “Sorry! Geolocation is not supported by this browser and we can not locate you”! ????


    I got many requests from users to make the plugin compatible with Sweet-date theme. That is the reason I added the feature.

    It should work well with Sweet-date theme but I am not sure about the other Kleo themes.

    Thank you for reporting the error. I will look into that.


    Does this plugin integrate w/ Kelo, I myself am curious and I would be the necessary addons if it did.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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