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[Resolved]Problem in multisite installation

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    Hi Eyal and many thanks and congrats for all your work,

    I just purchased the Global Map add-on and I’m having some pretty big issues.
    Here are some details:

    I’m running a wordpress multisite installation with:
    – a main website which is a very simple showcase one redirecting to several subsites
    – a subsite running a crowdfunding platform
    – a subsite running a e-commerce shop
    – a subsite running kind of a dating platform with some buddypress and bbpress components such as profiles, forums, …
    – a subsite running kind of a more common social network with every buddypress and bbpress components and more.

    In the last two ones, I’m trying to integrate your great plugins (at the moment: GeomyWP and GlobalMaps) because geo features are a great value for my project as for many ones I guess.

    For the Buddypress install, I didn’t enable it on network admin but only on the two concerned subsites, as I have different uses of it.

    I did the same thing with your great Geo My WP plugin as I could but I couldn’t activate the Global Maps plugin other than in network admin. (this plugin just doesn’t appear in subsite’s plugin list when deactivated from network admin).

    So I have BP and GMW activated on subsites and Global Maps activated on network (which is a problem I guess because for now I just purchased a single license and I thought about buying another one so I could gat one key for each subsite using it). As a matter of fact, I activated the Global Maps License from the GeoMyWP section in the subsite admin.

    Then, as I need my users to log on one site and keep logged-in on the whole platform, I just use a simple front-end registration pop-up for login/out + registration + lost password and nothing else so my use of Buddypress is pretty particular.

    Here are my problems:
    – on front-end, editing BP profiles, the location table shows up and works fine.
    – BUT, when pasting a Global Map shortcode on a page in order to display every BP members,
    little problem: Map keeps centered on the middle of the Pacific Ocean with high map level, whatever are the settings I try,
    big problem: I just have no BP member displayed

    As I’m currently developing and testing the website and its functionalities, there should be only my profile showing up but I can’t get it. Auto locate is turned off on purpose but I guess Global Map should find registered location from my BP profile tab anyway (am I wrong?).

    I guess it could come from the fact that each plugin isn’t activated on the subsite but I hope you can help me figuring out a way to solve it. Is there a way to activate Global Maps on a subsite only ?

    Thanks you so much in advance and have a nice day,


    ps: I will work on French and Italian translations soon, I’ll keep you updated.


    Sorry my post is so long ….


    new problem: it seems like markers disappeared from WP Google Maps since I installed Global Maps. Deactivation doe nothing I’ll try deleting and keep you updated.


    new update: in WP Google Map, I succeeded batting my map markers back by selecting a custom marker. Do you think the problem could come from a conflict between your two plugins (Geo My WP & WP Google Maps)? Could they conflict about the default map marker?

    thxs again


    Hello Emilien,
    Sorry for the long delay. I am not always getting notification of new posts.

    1)Thank you for the purchase and support. It is much appreciated.

    2) I am not sure why you won’t be able to activate it on a single sub-site but it should be possible.However, I have been working on the next major updates of Support and the add-on. The code is completely redone. So before I start digging into the old version to try to find the issue I can email you the new version of Support and the Global Maps add-on to test.

    Let me know if that is ok.

    3) Multiple Google maps plugins most of the times cause conflict with each other.


    Hi Eyal,
    it’s my turn to be sorry for the long delay … Sometimes it’s really difficult to be as responsive as we’d like, I get it very well.
    Thank you so much for your answers, I would be glad to try your next updates, thank you for suggesting!
    I’ll try removing also the WPGMaps Plugin which I used to make visitors adding news markers on some maps but that’s a feature I may not need anymore.

    Have a nice day,


    Hi Emilien,
    I emailed you the new version. Let me know if you have received it.

    Thank you,


    Hi Eyal,

    I found out that I never answered back to your last message … I’m so sorry for that.
    I had received your email and thank you so much for your work on that major update which is really great once again!

    Since those last messages, I could solve my different problems but I’m still facing an activation one with the last version:

    – I purchased a license for Global Maps and for now, I would need to use it on a single subsite in my installation (maybe others later but I would buy some other licenses for it)
    – my problem is I can’t activate my license key: it returns a message saying I have no activations left.
    – So I checked in my multisite installation and I couldn’t find a subsite where the add-on would have been activated yet. Same thing with the main site. I mean I activated it when I did the purchase but since, it has been deactivated on every site in my network, except for one subsite where I’d like to use it.
    – Does the fact that I activated, deactivated and reactivated that license explain why it doesn’t work now? Is it a problem with the last update and multisite? Is there something you think we could try to solve that issue?

    Thank you again and have a nice day,


    No problem Emilien. I occasionally get lost between emails and support tickets.

    I reset your license key in my system. You should be able to activate it now. Could be that it just stuck somewhere between activations/deactivations or between updates.
    It could also be a multisite installation conflict. I think the licensing system of Geo my WP is not working well on multisite installation at the moment.
    Basically you should be able to activate one license key on all sub-sites of a multisite installation. So you do not need to by more license keys. A license should be good per domain name.
    Also, the license key provided you with updates and support and it is not required to be activated in order for the plugin to work. So for now you only need to activated the license on one sub-site. When there is an update available you should be able to see an update notification on that site where the license is activated. Once you click on the update icon it takes you to the admin network and that is where you update the plugin. So once you update it there it being updates to all sub-site.

    I will need to come up with a better solution for a multisite installation. But I guess for the moment the above will do.


    Do you think you are going to translate the new version of GEO my WP. I didn’t want to upload the previous language files you sent me because many things have changed, added or removed in the new version.


    Hi Eyal and many thanks for your quick precise response,
    I just activated the license key and it works like a charm.
    Of course I will work on the french translation of your plugin as soon as possible and I’ll send it to you with pleasure. It may take some days because I’m currently creating a business, handling every aspect of the work by myself for now (administration, designs, website, …) and days are pretty crazy 😉 I talk about your plugin when I can because you’re really doing a great job so hopefully some french people will join us shortly 😉
    thanks and keep the great work on, we keep in touch about that french translation
    have a nice day,


    You are welcome Emilien.
    And no rush on the translation. Believe me, I know what busy and crazy days are.

    Have a great rest of the week,


    Thank you again
    and good luck to you,
    I’ll keep you posted,
    great continuation to you,

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