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Problem translating into French language

Forums F.A.Q Problem translating into French language

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    Hi everybody,
    if someone interested, I just translated GEOmyWP into French and here are the files.
    However I had a problem and still couldn’t fix it : how to translate the tag used in member’s profile ? I attach a photo just to show you my problem : in french, “location” is “position” or “localisation”.

    Thank you for your help,


    none of the attachements has been accepted then I try it Jpeg and wait for an admin address to send the translation files to.



    Hi Emilien,
    Thank you for the contribution. I will look into the translation issue of the locator tab.

    You can send me the translated files to and I will upload and attached it to the post as will as to the next update of Support.

    Thank you


    Thanks, since 2.4 “location” is well translate to “position” in profil’s member.

    But here is a new issue: i coudn’t find where to translate “Update location” submenu in:
    Toolbar user => Position (Location) => Update location

    I’m using CodeStyling Localization plugin for translation.
    “Update location” is “Mettre à jour ma position” or “Renseigner ma position”.


    First time I see CodeStyle Localization. Great plugin.

    By quick testing it I do fine the “Update Location” text which was probably fixed in one of the latest updates.
    can you confirm it?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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