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    Hi Eyal! Thanks for developing this plugin. I need a map like the one shown here:, with users having the ability to add a location. Is this possible? If so, what addons would I need?


    HI Jordan.
    The map you show me is very similar to the map on the home page of this website and it was created using the Global Maps add-on.

    But I am not sure about “with users having the ability to add a location”.
    Is it part of the map displayed where you want to uses to be able to search by location?

    Or you just want users to be able to add new location to the map?


    Yes, my site is for mapping abandoned locations around the world. I’d like users to be able to submit an entry and have it posted to a global map (With admin/moderator approval) so users could search for locations near them.


    1) For the map you could use the Global Maps add-on. You will be able to display any of your post type on the map on page load.

    2) To add location you can either use the admin dashboard: In the “Edit Post” page you could use the GEO my WP section to add location to your posts or post types. Otherwise, if you want to allow your users to add location from the front-end you will need to use a plugin that allow posting from the front-end.
    Most front-end post plugin will come with a hook for the form submission. Using such a hook You could use a simple code ( I will help you with that ) that will geocode and save the location entered by the user into GEO my WP table so it will be displayed on the map.


    Great! Thank you very much.


    You are welcome!


    I’m having some trouble displaying the maps. If a shortcode is placed in a post (posts show on homepage) my homepage shows a double header and sidebar widgets are moved below the post. Do you know what’s causing this? Also I’ve had no luck getting maps to display in the bbpress forum which is kind of crucial for the implementation I’m looking for. Any help would be much appreciated.


    HI Jordan,
    Which shortcode are you using for the map in posts?


    I’ve solved the widget problem (somehow), and just now fixed the double title – Thanks for the great support!


    You are welcome.


    Hi Eyal, Could you help with the shortcode? I’m using USP Pro front-end forms and the Global Maps addon. This is the page I’d like users to submit a location.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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