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[Resolved]Radius Search not working

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    I have just built my site and bought the add on. I am not a developer but understand WordPress. I dont know how to get the radius searching working and the advanced job searches?


    Hello Sanjay,
    Thank you for the purchase.

    Did you try following the documentation ?


    Yes I have tried and done all of that. The radius function is not even showing up nor is the pre defined Google entries.

    Other parts of the plgin seem to be working though. Am very confused.


    Can you post a link to the live search page?


    Do I have to add shortcodes or do anything to make it work?


    You need to add the attribute gjm_use=”2″ to the [jobs] shortcode ( [jobs gjm_use=”2″] in order to apply the GEO features to the jobs search form.

    Since the search form of the home page and probably the search form of the default Jobs page are being generated using a custom template file you do not have access to the shortcode unless you modify the template file.

    You should create a new page called Jobs and add the shortcode [jobs gjm_use=”2″] to the content area.


    Please verify that the “Template” ( in the page editor ) is set to “default template”.


    Ok looks like this has worked but all the text is out of sync?


    Which version of Jobify theme are you using?


    Not sure will check tomorrow thanks for your help


    It looks like a styling conflict. Could be between the theme and the plugin. Let me know the version when you get a chance.

    Thank you.


    I have this version – Jobify

    I still have the conflict?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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