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[Resolved]Read more on excerpt of the Marker Info popup window?

Forums Global Maps Read more on excerpt of the Marker Info popup window?

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    Hi there, I am using the global maps addon and the pop-up window for the Marker info window and basically I have the excerpt on and set at 40 words but I need a “Read More” to show. Right now it just shows 40 words and no Read More link. I know the title is clickable but the read more is more obvious for the end user. How do I add the Read, more to the end of this excerpt in the popup window? Thanks in advance


    Hi James,
    The “Read More” link has been requested few times and It will be added to the next release of the plugin.
    If you can’t wait until then you can add the link yourself:
    1) Open ( edit ) the popup window content.php.
    2) Copy the line that display the title ( copy it from the actually file and not from the below script )

    3) Paste it after the the excerpt function

    4) Replace the title function

    with the text “Read more” or anything else as you wish.
    5) save the file and test it.


    Thanks for the update here, I think definitely this is a good addition to the next release so I look forward to this.

    I tried your quick fix here and unfortunately it did not work but more than likely something I am doing wrong. My excerpt code now looks like this an I am editing the file: plugins/gmw-global-maps/posts/templates/popup/left-white/content.php

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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