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Rejected by Maps-API-server – what can I do?

Forums Bug Reports Rejected by Maps-API-server – what can I do?

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    Hi everybody!

    Some customers were reporting me that when visiting my site (on which I use Geo my WP), they are getting a message on every page they open.

    I get it in german, but translated it’s something like “Your request was rejected by the Google Maps-API-Server. The requested parameter has to be either “true” or “false”.”

    I was never able to see the error myself – the page always worked fine. Now I’m sitting in a public cafe, and indeed I’m getting the same message. So it seems to have something to do with the way you login to the web.

    Does anybody has an idea how to get rid of this rather seldom error?

    By the way: I’m even getting the error when loading this page here (, since obviously somewhere on the page the plugin is used. SO it has nothing to do with a wrong implementation of the code on my page, but it is rather a mistake of the plugin or a certain behavior of some server in combination with google maps.


    Thanks 🙂


    oops …typo … I meant “was rejected”, not “war”… 😉


    Hi Tom,
    Quick search on google I found
    It is similar to what you described. I will dig into it more later but it could be an issue with google and not the plugin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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