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[Resolved]Remove location from activity stream

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    Since the newest update of geomywp I get location updates of not (yet) activated members in my activity stream. I manually activate members since it is a private site with public subscription.
    How do I remove this from my stream? Or, how do I remove updates from gmwp totally from my stream?


    Thanks for your swift response. I would love to get the code. For other users an on/off switch for the activity stream is a feature that will be very handy indeed.


    You are welcome Vinz,

    Please open the file geo-my-wp/plugins/friends/includes/gmw-fl-update-location.php and remove ( or marked out ) line 46 which should be:

    Save the file and test it.

    Let me know if that helps.


    Thanks, I will test it and let you know. Now on holiday in France 🙂


    Enjoy your holiday. I love France 🙂


    Hi Eyal,

    I tried it but it still displays the location in the stream,

    This is my argumented line:

    /* $activity_id = gmw_location_record_activity( $args ); */

    do_action( ‘gmw_fl_after_location_saved’, $bp->displayed_user->id, $location );

    Maybe the next line needs to be included?


    The already recorded data will still show in the activity stream since it is saved in database ( you will need to delete the entries from the database ). However, new activity stream updates should not be recorded after marking out that line. Can you confirm that?


    Yes, I tested a new, unactivated testaccount and it still shows up.


    I just tested it on my site and marked out this line of code and new location updates were not showing in the activity stream ( previous activity updates still showed ). So I suspect that something that you haven’t done properly.

    Do you have a caching system or plugin installed? If so, Have you tried clearing it after modifying the file?

    Also, are you updating the members Location via the Location tab?


    My Bad, I am sorry! I missed one asterisk…


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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