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[Resolved]Results based on Current Location Not Working

Forums WP Users Geolocation Results based on Current Location Not Working

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    I registered my address in the profile fields.
    I type in the state name to find myself in the search form. It worked. It showed me in the search results.

    But then I tried the “Get me Current Location” feature, it found my address, but said “no users found” based on that address …which was my address.


    Hello Michael,
    Please enter more of a specific address in your profile location. Maybe a city and state or zip code and state. Then try the “get my current location” and see if you get results.


    Thanks for responding.
    I entered the exact street address. It couldn’t have been more specific.


    Apologies about that. I think I misunderstood you. I first thought that you entered only State in your user’s location.

    Can you points me to your site and possibly create a test user for me so I could test it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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