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    Im using the classipress theme.
    I have installed Geo my wp plugin and love it!

    I have also installed a plugin that allows 1. my ads to be displayed where the “premium” ads get boosted to the top of the results list. 2.they have a “featured” ribbon across their corner.

    When using geo my wp as my search, the results are displayed by location proximity first no matter if there is a premium ad in they are not boosted to the top and their display is also different from that of the default theme so it does not have the ribbon across their corner.

    Is there any possible way I could change something myself or maybe this could be a future feature?



    Hi Derek,
    It is most likely possible to adapt this behavior to GEO my WP search form since it uses WP_Query to query results. However, I am not familiar with how the theme and its plugin work so I cannot advice you a solution.

    It will however require some PHP and WordPress filters knowledge to accomplish.

    Sorry I cannot provide you with more information regarding the above.

    There is a Featured Locations add-on for GEO my WP under development that does very much the same as you described above. However, it will require to set featured posts with its own settings and probably won’t work with features posts you already set with the plugin that you are using.


    Ok thanks. I can deal without having my featured listings boosted to the top at the moment(hopefully your addon will be out soon, because that would be great)

    speaking specifically of the results display template for the ribbons. I can see there is a few different choices and a way to create or move existing templates into the plugin. If i was able to use classipress theme results template then the featured Ribbons would surely appear. I have reviewed some documentation but i cant seem to figure it out, my knowledge is limited.

    I found the plugins results template area in the ftp. i know i would need to move a results.php and style.css into this area but dont even know where to start. would this even work?

    can you help me with this?


    You should be able to create custom results template file and place it in you theme/child theme folder.

    To create a custom template file ( the below instructions is taken from the “Gray” search results” template file ):

    You could but It is not recomemnded to edit this file directly as your changes will be overridden on the next update of the plugin.

    Instead you can copy-paste this template ( the “gray” folder contains this file and the “css” folder ) into the theme’s or child theme’s folder of your site and apply your changes from there.

    The template folder will need to be placed under:

    Once the template folder is in the theme’s folder you will be able to choose it when editing the posts locator form.
    It will show in the “Search results” dropdown menu as “Custom: gray”.

    When you have the custom template setup you will need to modify the Loop in the PHP file of the search results template file with the the loop from the theme’s search results template file.

    I hope that helps.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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