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[Resolved]Results empty with 3 active jobs

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    I have installed everything I believe. What settings should be Geo My WP plugin have? Seems to work just fine if I remove the gjm_use=”1″ gjm_map=”1″ from the shortcode. See my demo here:

    Seems to load without js errors but no jobs are displayed.


    Hi Leland,
    1) You can use the shortcode in two ways:
    1) gjm_use=”1″ – the shortcode will use the settings from the settings page in order to display the geo features
    2) gjm_use=”2″ – when using that you will also need to set each geo component of the form using shortcode attributes for example map, radius, units and so on.
    That is useful in case that you want to have more then one form when each form has different components.

    2) something I forgot to mention in the plugin’s description is that locations entered before installation of the plugin won’t show. You will need to resave the jobs after the plugin installed and activated.

    3) I will email you the beta soon


    Btw, are you using Support as well on your site?

    To let you know that GEO job manager does not require Support


    Ah very good! I had to resave the old jobs before they would display. Also, I have disabled the GeoMYWP plugin so only the GeoJobs plugin is activated.


    Awesome !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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