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[Resolved]Results Page in Kilometers / Details page in MILES

Forums Nearby Posts Results Page in Kilometers / Details page in MILES

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    Using Version 2.6.1-beta3

    How to recreate what I think could had been overlooked 😉

    01. Click on Get my current location
    02. Choose Kilometers in the drop down list
    03. Click Submit
    04. You are taken to the results page
    05. For one listing ex.: Where the distance is shown as ex. 1.6 km
    06. The driving distance as ex.: 2.5 km
    07. Click on a listing to go to the page details, then…
    the distance is presented in Miles:
    Distance: 0.89 mi
    Where it should be presented as in 02. and on the results page 05.




    Hi Yves,
    Which version of GEO my WP are you using?


    I was using 2.6.1 beta 3
    Upgraded couple days ago to the latest release 2.6.1

    Shortcode 01.

    I have something new!!!
    When I use this shortcode:
    Shortcode 02.

    then all is fine, except for the map which I would like to be 100% of my content.

    What would be the good syntax to combine Shortcode 01 with Shortcode 02?

    Thanks 😉

    (have to get offline for some hours now)


    Hey Eyal I think you could mark this issue as resolved.
    Thanks again for your hard work. Thumbs Up! 😉


    Sorry for the delayed reply but I am glad you got it working.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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