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[Resolved]Resume Manager GEO Search vs Job Manager GEO Search

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    Brian Tucker

    Hey guys – I have both the job manager and resume manager add-ons installed and working on my site. There is one thing I notice that is different between the two.Maybe its just how I have it setup.

    When I use the job search functionality, I do not have to choose from the “miles” or the “sort by” dropdown box to display results when I enter in the location, whereas on the resume search box I have to choose at least one from the “miles” or the “sort by” dropdown box to display any results.

    After thinking about this for a bit, it seems that the difference in functionality comes down to the job search box having the options for “full-time, part-time etc” and by default these boxes are checked which allows it to display jobs when I only enter in a location.

    Because the resume search does not have these check boxes, the way that it works is different and is a bit confusing IMO.

    Is there a way for me to enable the options for “full-time, part-time etc” on the resume search box and have them enabled by default just as they are on the job search box so that it is consistent across searches? This way, all a user has to do is enter location to get started, just like on the job search box.

    Love the add-ons by the way. Y’all have done a wonderful job.


    Hello Brian,
    Thank you fir the purchases and for the kind feedback.

    Both GEO Job Manager and Resume Manager Geolocation support to dynamically trigger the search form when you use any of the filters. Change the address field or keywords, changing the “Type” checkboxes, miles/kilometers and so on.

    So it could be that something is “Breaking” this functionality in the resume search on your site.

    Which theme are you using?

    I advice you to download and install both new versions WP Job Manager Geolocation ( 1.7 beta 2 ) and Resume Manager geolocation ( and 1.4 beta 2 ) from your account page. Deactivate and delete the current versions on your site and manually upload the new versions.

    Both new versions are major updates which take care of many performance issues, bug fixes, new features and more.

    Let me know if you do that and if that takes care of the issue.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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