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[Resolved]Resume search not working

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    All plugins (GJM and GRM) work fine until today… i added new resumes and they wasn’t displayed on search results. I made “Import” locations, nothing was imported… I’ve checked MySQL ‘places_locator’ base – there was old resumes that i deleted two days ago… I’ve truncated base, and ‘Import’ again – no locations were imported…. Please help, in private content i placed admin access… My site is on Russian language and i’ve blocked all translations for WP Job Manager….. Thank you.

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    Sorry … I found the reason – i have custom fields plugin installed and in my db were two fields “candidate_location” with different ID …


    Where stored ‘candidate_location’ and ‘job_location’ fields ID settings in GJM and GRM??? GRM and GJM not associated with my current ‘candidate_location’ and ‘job_location’ …. I think it’s my DB error. Thank you


    Thank you for the info above.

    The ‘candidate_location’ and ‘job_location’ fields are being geocoded when a job/resume being updated; thats what WP Job Manager plugin does. and the geocode information is being saved in custom fields as well.
    What GJM and GRM do they only look for the custom fields with the geocoded information and they copy it to places_locator table in database.
    So you need to make sure that jobs and resume have their location geocoded. Just look for the custom fields such as geolocation_city, geolocation_state, geolocation_street and so on,
    If they do not exists you will need to update the job/resume so the address will be geocoded again.


    Thank you for the answer … My issue was that table “_places_locator” was broken (my server was down, i don’t know how it could be happened) …. I deleted that table, but it wasn’t created again as all fields were geolocated (_geolocated = true) ….

    To fix this issue i turned off geo plugins and created a new job (so the state was _geolocated=false), then i turned up geo plugins and maked import through import button in settings… script found not geolocated posts and created new table ‘_places_locator’…. Now all works perfectly …

    I’m stupid … thank you for support and sorry for my awful English …


    I am glad this was resolved and thank you for the info. The database table should be created automatically if not found, I will need to take a look at that.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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